The Masked Singer: Who hides behind the jellyfish?

 Five masks and five celebrities hiding behind the masks. Who is behind the jellyfish? Who appears as a concrete block? And who hides his true identity behind the face sausage costume? Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf become "Joko & Klaas v. ProSieben" advisory team for a particularly high-proof version of the ProSieben success show "The Masked Singer". In "Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben" (from 8 October, every Tuesday, 8:15 pm, on ProSieben and on Joyn), the two employees compete in six game rounds together against their biggest opponent to date: their employer. ProSieben determined about the games and their opponents and has the best supporters at his side: Matthias Lena Gercke, Stefan Gödde, Daniel Aminati, Mario Basler, Palina Rojinski, Charlotte Roche, Thore Schölermann, Evil Jared Hasselhoff, Jeannine Michaelsen, Funda Vanroy , Harro Füllgrabe, Aiman ​​Abdallah, Janin Ullmann, Vanessa Mai, Annemarie Carpendale, Ulmen-Fernandes Collies, Christian Ulmen, Pheline Roggan, Fahri Yardim, Rebecca Mir, Christian Düren, Adel Tawil, HP Baxxter, Sido, Michael Patrick Kelly, Max Giesinger, Teddy Teclebrhan, Joey Heindle, Elmar Paulke, Edin Hasanovic, Dagi Bee, Kelly MissesVlog, Riccardo Simonetti, wrestling legend Herman the German and # GNTM winner Toni Dreher-Adenuga.
A quarter of an hour full of freedom or service in the spirit of the sender? If Joko & Klaas defeats ProSieben, their employer will give them 15 minutes of free-time live broadcasting the next day and postpone their regular prime-time program. If ProSieben emerges victorious from the evening, the two employees must unconditionally submit to the tasks of their employer. The evening will be moderated by Steven Gätjen.
"Joko & Klaas vs ProSieben" – from 8 October, every Tuesday at 20:15, "Joko & Klaas LIVE" – after a win every Wednesday at 20:15 on ProSieben and on Joyn.

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