Midsommar FSK: Age approval for the acclaimed horror movie

 Director Ari Aster is known as the maker of the horror shocker Hereditary. Now he starts his second movie with Midsommar. Whether the new strip would be longer and harder, remained unclear. Now the FSK has made an official judgment. Here you will learn all about the age rating to Midsommar.
Hereditary – The Legacy caused mixed reactions among spectators. Critics were very enthusiastic and praised him in the highest tones. The film was a great contribution to the genre and even the best movie of 2018. The horror debut of Ari Aster raised the bar accordingly. The sequel should once again put a lot on it.
In terms of violence, Hereditary was in any case still up. After all, the horror movie was released from 16 years. Bloody violence and disgusting moments of shock do not automatically turn a movie into a masterpiece. Ari Aster knows that, too, so the rating of his new movie is not really surprising.
The FSK has granted Midsommar a release from 16 years, as the rental now announced. Of course, not too much should be revealed at this point, but the verdict can still be discussed. In Midsommar, there is at most one scene that may speak for an 18er release. Overall, the release from 16 years is easy to understand.
The good career start of Ari Aster in the film business is already impressive. Especially considering that the director is not even 35 years old. Such a thing had probably not since Hollywood star Quentin Tarantino. We are eagerly awaiting which projects Aster will tackle next.
If you want to see the trailer for Midsommar, check out our player now. Simply click to start the video.

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